Circuit Clerk Public Access
Don R. Everhart, Mclean County Circuit Clerk is pleased to present this information for public access.

Search by Name, Case Number or Date of Birth

This information is offered "as is" and contains information only on cases held before the Traffic and Criminal Courts of McLean County, IL . Because this information is not being drawn from our real time system, recent events may not appear as soon as they occur.

Full years of Circuit Clerk data are available from 1991 - present. Case searches for years prior to 1991 may be done by pre-paid written request ($6.00 per year, per person) or by visiting on-site and searching manual books in person.

Should a name and case number appear with a "no information available " message, a written inquiry including the name and case number should be submitted to the Circuit Clerk.

This information complies with the Illinois Supreme Court Electronic Access Policy for Circuit Court Records. PDFThe Illinois Supreme Court Electronic Access Policy

Questions concerning the information presented may be submitted to: Don R. Everhart, Circuit Clerk PO Box 2420 Bloomington, IL 61702-2420 or e-mailed to: . You must provide a name and address with your inquiry.